First Days in the Haze of the Holy Spirit

I’ll never forget the first time I walked into Wellspring Church. It felt like I stepped into a bubble of warm, fuzzy, safe mist. There was a lightness to the air, and I felt hope for the first time in years. It was an unparalleled moment in my life.

I quickly connected with a few members of the church and began to find comfort in seeing their familiar faces each week. While I was taken with the church, I quickly noticed that something wasn’t quite right. Sunday after Sunday, I had a sense that there were social politics at play. It was strange to feel that way in what was initially such a profoundly wonderful and safe environment. When church services ended I often felt displaced, alone, and even ignored. There was a competitive spirit in the room. Everyone was looking for a specific person to talk to and ignoring the person looking for them. It was like we were all trying to climb some kind of spiritual ladder in an effort to feel important, connected, and seen. What’s more, if a person of lower "spiritual status” approached, the conversation was limited. It was as though something could be taken from you if you spent too much time with a person of “lower status”. I often sat in my seat in the back of the sanctuary and observed as these dynamics played out. Boy did they! With congregants, pastors, and elders alike. It was all very overwhelming and a bit sad.

Despite these end of service experiences, the Spirit was alive at Wellspring Church and the sermons were filled with wisdom. There were true believers among the people and the connection I felt with God through musical worship and the sermon was profound and kept me coming back.

I began to look forward to Sunday mornings above all else. I longed for Sundays and attended both 1.5-hour services each week. I eagerly waited for a word with my journal open and pen poised. I reveled in the musical worship time and experienced deep, meaningful, and impactful visions of God walking with me, holding me, and whispering sweet truths in my ear each week. I was quickly learning a more profound closer way of both communing with and hearing from God, and I loved it. It was like coming home.

Kelly Mays

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