Celebrating the Birth of Jesus


It’s a tough time of year for me. It always has been, and is for many others. Growing up, my mother worked every other Christmas, which put a damper on things, and my father wasn’t exactly the dad of the year. The Christmases she was home, things didn’t always run smoothly with a family of five who had a hard time making it through a car ride, let alone a holiday. There is so much pressure on Christmas that it feels nearly impossible to live up to what Christmas “should be”.

As an adult, the holidays didn’t get any easier. I usually spend most of the holiday at rehearsals and making preparations for church service performances and Christmas Day I spend more time in the car than with the people I love. The Holidays often feel like a financially and emotionally draining occasion. Yet, if we take a step back, the objective is simple clear and quite nice… to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the center of our faith, the shepherd of our journey, and the lover of our pursuit. The spirit of celebrating his intimate, humble, discrete birth, gets lost so easily.

To combat the chaos, distraction, and depression that often accompanies this season, I make time to take an intentional moment to connect with God mindfully. Usually, I sit by candlelight at the end of the day on Christmas Eve. I try to find joy in seeing the lights on houses, watching snowfall (if we are so lucky), and dwelling in the presence of God for a few moments before bed. I find it to be an essential moment in my year.

I pray, listen, and allow his peace to overwhelm my body, mind, and spirit, thinking of all of the goodness in my life. Then, I remember the dreams that I have for the future and express hope for the realization of these dreams. I dwell in the thought that there are good plans God has for me. I take a moment and think of the people who are in my life, giving thanks for their lives, and asking God to show me how to mend relationships that have been damaged. These relaxing and hope-filled moments are my most precious Christmas memories and help make the Holiday season both more meaningful and more wonderful.

My Hope for You

As the season is upon us, and so many have painful memories, family dynamics to navigate, and personal heartache at hand, let us remember that this season is saturated in a spirit of hope. God indeed is at the center of Christmas. He is good and is indeed with us. I Pray that God’s love would permeate this holiday in your life and that we all might revelate more of Him.

If you are in a time of uncertainty, isolation, or transition, it’s important to remember he is indeed with you. Remain in His presence, be vulnerable with him, and allow him to minister and dwell in each Christmas moment with you. May you find his peace, hope, and healing this Christmas.

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Kelly Mays

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